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The Rockland Learning Center is a not for profit independent school permanently chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York for preschool, kindergarten and the elementary grades.  Our school combines the Montessori philosophy and materials with the latest in learning technology.  Each child learns at his or her own pace using hundreds of hands-on materials specially designed to help the child through his or her five senses  They work with the materials alone or with friends, learning the same way they learned to walk and talk.  The children can repeat their chosen activity over and over until they have successfully mastered it.  The teachers prepare the environment with activities in math, science, geography, eye-hand motor coordination, reading, writing, art, and music so that the children can learn at their own pace without pressure.

The children are inter-aged.  Three, four and five year olds are in the preprimary class.  Five and six year olds work together in the primary class.  Each environment is prepared with materials from the three year curriculum.  This allows the children to choose their lesson, their pace of work, how long they will work and with whom they will work.  The children are responsible for cleaning up their own and returning it to the shelf ready for the next child.  This kind of responsibility creates a learner who is self disciplined and able to work independently.  These traits build a foundation of good habits for a lifetime of confident and joyful learning.

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