Over the years, Rockland Learning Center has received volumes of letters expressing thanks and gratitude. These three letters are merely a sampling that demonstrate the feelings of many of our parents.  Enjoy the read.

From Dan and Laura C. -

“Originally, I set out to write you a note of thanks for what you all did for me as a step-mother on Mother’s Day; however, I must extend my genuine appreciation beyond that touching gesture.

There are no words to express my gratitude for the poignant and loving cards you made with Andrew and Alexa.  I was so moved and it literally opened up a dialogue with the kids about step-mothers as we had not stressed that in past years because of our exceptional situation.  It really meant a great deal to me and I will savor those beautiful cards forever.  Dan has always celebrated Mother’s Day with me and the kids, but I believe Andrew and Alexa now have a new understanding and see that other families have two homes, two families as well.  I thank you for always thinking of others and going above and beyond especially with us.

Dan and I cannot thank you for everything you did for us throughout this school year.  From the beginning you were so sensitive to a delicate situation, and you all demonstrated compassion and professionalism that defies description.  You always made us feel included and just exceeded our expectations with the curriculum you taught the kids.

We could not have hoped for a more astonishing transformation in the kids as the year progressed.  You opened up incredible new and exciting worlds for all the children and we it each and every time we are with Andrew and Alexa.  They have an insatiable curiosity about the earth; they celebrate diversity in people, and genuinely love to learn.  We cannot begin to imagine how you accomplish all that you do, and greatly appreciate the fact you celebrate their personal accomplishments at their individual pace.  The fact that you place no worth on monetary possessions, instead emphasize the value of character is a priceless gift you have given each child, which they take with them for a lifetime.

If you ever doubt your positive effect on the kids, please remember how thankful we are for everything you do.  Andrew and Alexa are so better prepared for kindergarten and will surely succeed in future years due to the solid foundation you each helped to build.

With deep gratitude and much love, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

From Jody K.  -

“This is an open letter of thanks.  Now that my daughter, Danielle, has moved on and into public school, I can see so clearly what she got from her early learning experience at Rockland Learning Center.

Nearly all of the children in Danielle’s class attended preschool and yet she is the only child who is reading and truly excelling in all academic aspects.  Even her creative abilities have been fine-tuned, enabling her to get so much more from art and music.  Possibly, even more important to me, are her social skills which are so developed.

Rockland Learning Center you and your fine staff always found, developed, and nurtured my child’s strengths.  You have the remarkable ability to treat each child as an individual, to really know each child and at the same time work them all into a very cohesive group.  I watched you challenge each child to be the best they could be.

As a result of Danielle’s experience with Rockland Learning Center, she is secure, open to new experience, thirsty for knowledge, and socially mature in her new school.

I feel so fortunate to have had Danielle in your school.  I could not have asked for more than what we derived from it.  I could not recommend your program highly enough. “

From Rita L. -

“Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how a couple of your ex-students are doing.  You were so right about Rick!  In 4th. grade now, he’s playing piano and trumpet, in GATE, GATE Revolving Door and the most accelerated math and reading groups.  He also plays ice hockey at Sport-O-Rama and takes gymnastics.  When the Sunday paper arrives he’s busy perusing the stock market pages.  Needless to say, I’m having quite a time keeping up with him.

Corinne is doing beautifully in 2nd. grade.  She’s a great artist and has incredible handwriting.  Corinne is currently reading “Little Women” and is great on the computer.  She also plays piano and is doing great the gymnastics.  Although, not as multi-dimensional has Rick, Corinne is ambitious and will work at a problem until it’s solved with amazing patience.

Every so often one of them will say “remember our teachers at R.L.C.  I wish they were at Grandview” or “I really liked her class.”  Often it’s brought about because something they are learning now is easier for them because of something taught in kindergarten class or because of one of the activities they did during free time, which reminds them of a problem they’re working on currently in math or reading.

Although we haven’t been in touch for several years, I think of Rockland Learning Center and thank God my children had the extraordinary experience of it’s magic.  All of the children in the top of the class were once your children.  Obviously, they had the best start in town, and if anyone ever asks me, as they have, you have the best pre-school in town, without a doubt.  The world is a better place because of you and your teachers!”

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