Mission Statement


As numerous and unique as the snowflakes of winter, so are the children of the world. Each and every child is born with their own individual blueprint of personality and characteristics waiting to be developed (influenced by life's lessons) into the adults of tomorrow.

At the Rockland Learning Center we recognize this truth. The path of early education is paved with materials necessary for individual growth. We observe the needs of the children and present the tools of learning to them in large groups, small groups or individually so they may either auto-educate via hands-on experiences or learn with one-on-one guidance.

Our objective is to show the children the way to independence, respect of themselves and others, acquire a love of learning and exploration, and a feeling of personal gratification and pride for a job well done!


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Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how a couple of your ex-students are doing. You were so right about Rick! In 4th
This is an open letter of thanks. Now that my daughter, Danielle, has moved on and into public school, I can see so clearly
Originally, I set out to write you a note of thanks for what you all did for me as a step-mother on Mother\'s Day; however, I